Friday, November 26, 2010

Shaking things up.

Food porn for you. A good lunch at Fika! Although service was a bit slow..and honestly, they should think about opening up the upstairs bit to service lunch hour. The swedish chocolate balls in the last photo has to be the highlight of the meal. Tastes like ondeh-ondeh but with chocolate, that only means one thing = YUM.

Then we went to take some fun pics at the wall by Arab Street. It's therapeutic, you should try it. Love my zara socks! so cute and happy :D Paired with Dr. Martens Mary Janes.
Wearing Cotton On white shirt and denim overalls.

After work, rushed to the hairdresser's to get a hair cut. It felt so good to chop all the baggage off and now I feel truly, alive. Next up, a full mohawk! Until then I think I look pretty damn fierce eh?

Forced my brother to take some pics of me playing with bubbles. I found this bottle of bubbles at Jonker street's night market in Malacca for 50 cents and have literally brought it everywhere with me cos hey, you never know when you need some bubbles in your life right? :) Sometimes I blow some out in the office for fun ;)

So now time for the big unveiling...... !!!

Waterfall blazer - Chicmoss; white cotton tank top - Cotton On; lace body suit - AA; boyfriend jeans - MNG; black sneakers - Converse; watch - Malacca; Rings - Bali + Bangkok

So what did you think? Yay/Nay? Honestly, opinions dont matter at this point cos I LOVE IT. And that's all that really matters right?

Right. it's Friday. :)

This weekend, smile at a stranger, dance like you mean it and shake up the world with your laughter. Go do it, it will change your week ahead of you.

Stop being a grumpy old fart. (Just saying)

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  1. Babe, I adore the outfit you're wearing in the bubbles photos :) Everything comes together nicely!