Wednesday, March 16, 2011

clothes maketh.

A random post with no intentions whatsoever, except for an impending big burning hole in my wallet (yet, again). A bit of fashion indulgence because my life is boring and I need some excitement. Clothes maketh the woman! TOMS shoes from here. I always wanted glitter shoes!

These satin red skinnies are amazing and those fur litas? It's like forget-about-it!
My heart went into cardiac arrest with this Suede number. I am still infatuated with camel shades despite it being Spring time now. Because how classic can it get?

And following my post on Emma, I present to you this visual representation of how a girl can look like a dutch boy but still ravishingly beautiful.

Emma Watson for Marie Claire from BootLegs on Vimeo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Barely breathing.

I just got back from Hong Kong and learnt the art of layering. It was a good 18 deg everyday which gave me ample opportunities to experiment with my outfits, layering a denim jacket and a military parka over it; not to mention stepping into mecca also known as H & M. It was speed shopping at its finest. Take take take off the racks and vet vet vet vet, then line up, queue and pay. It was quite the thrill ride :)

I am as of right now, knackered. Feel like I'm standing outside my body and telling me to go through the motion of work. Landed at 1 am, feel absolutely crap right now. Also, I still smell of airplane. Or maybe the lack of sleep is leading to hyper sensitive smell? I don't know...

But as I was saying, I learnt the art of layering in Hong Kong (By the way, Hong Kongers are very stylish - I was thoroughly impressed), and decided that since I am now back in 40 deg heat I can still have the same type of fun.
Wearing: Faux Denim shirt - Uniqlo, layered with Black bubble romper from here, Necklace - H&M, polka dotted socks - H&M, Boots - Dr. Martens

The first picture of me laughing is kinda stupid which I like.

OK, peace out.

ps: pray for Japan