Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not so chic.

oversized grey cardigan - random brand; blue jersey tank - MNG; harem pants - random brand; handbag - vintage; flower garland necklace - diva; shoes - Dr. Martens; Rings - personal collection from everywhere

The weather has been rather chilly these days, feels nice to be wrapped up from head to toe. Piled on every colour that I feel affection for - black, white, grey and blue, the occasional pastel and then a flower garland for good measure.

Quite an emotional week for me, going through a bit of a tough time figuring out life, friendships and love. I guess year end brings out alot in people..with all the 'reflection' we're supposed to be doing. For the lack of better word(s), I bring you this song which aptly sums up all I feel. What a year. Really, you have no idea.

But on the fashion front, I am IN LOVE with these pieces from pixie market... WANTS! majorly dude.
Wool cape coat from Paul & Alice, USD 220 (on sale!!)
Clear Spike Harness Top from Sass and Bide, USD 424

Am seriously considering the wool cape coat, it's such a gorgeous cut! The clear spike harness top is so majorly fierce I cannot NOT have it right?

I am also not too sure about my look today, too casual? Guess we all have our non-chic days. Still it's comfortable. :) I got a haircut over this Christmas, something about shaving your hair that is quite cathartic in some ways. Thanks muff!

Don't mean to be one of those blogs that is incessantly pessimistic. But until then, I am not really having yipee type of days. Oh, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life.

Merry Christmas, by the way.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paperbag boy

Military Green paperbag shorts from here; Neon Highlighter Yellow v-neck tee from F21; Bangle from Bangkok; Black oversized sling from Rubi; Rings - Bangkok; Leopard print Wedges - Korea

Finally a chance to wear my paperbag shorts out. I have to admit they are not for everyone. As a shortie (not shawty), I am not blessed with the fortune of having an exceptionally long torso, so anything high-waisted would just cut me off and make me look even shorter which is a big no-no. Thank god I purchased these 5 inch wedges!

This outfit is so me. When I say that, I actually mean I love the kooky and the quirky in outfits. The idea of a neon highlighter yellow tee with a pair of military green shorts seems like an odd pairing but that's just who I am. Top that off with a pair of loud leopard print wedges.. I truly believe there are just some things that you CAN leave to fate and chance. That said, I will probably not wear this tee to a club when it's all dark..cos the last thing I want is for my top half to be glowing in the dark. Now, that you can't leave it to chance, it's just embarrassing.

Christmas dinner at Cocotte with my beautiful friends. I say the food is really not too bad, I love the cosy home setting of the restaurant. If there was anything I could complain about..was that it was far too noisy. Although, that could be us, laughing raucously. Ah, such joy :)

Quote of the day:
Leonard, "OMG, you guys have to watch Modern Family"
Everyone, "OMG YES"
Leonard, "I have to say even though it is a comedy, it has really great ideals...(delves into family and culture etc)"
Yunwen to me (to the side), "Are we really dissecting and analysing Modern Family?"
Me, "I guess so."
Yunwen, "Oh god, such typical theatre students."

:) Indeed we are.

Also please say hi to jojo - my hippie-loving, vegan-eating, green-activitist-wannabe alter ego that has been filtering my thoughts of late. Cycling around in Singapore has proved to be a real challenge but no giving it up!

Leonard to me, "Do you cycle around in that dress?! Do you think you live in Paris?"
Me, "In my head, I do." :)

And I do. I really, really do.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A dose of awesomeness.

Vintage trench coat - Nicole Then; Romper - Bangkok; Belt - Cotton On; Bangle - Diva; Rings - Bangkok; Wedges - Korea

We took this shot just before the rain hit us. And thankfully there was wind in the air that gave this photograph an extra dash of awesomeness. I contemplated for a long time if I should buy this trench coat but I thought what the hell, I figured I will find a time to wear it..whenever and wherever.

A friend had just returned from Hong Kong where it was some 20 plus degrees which in my opinion was pretty cold (I live in a country whose celsius perpetually stays in the high 30s range). But she said that the girls there piled on winter wear as if the weather had been in the negatives and concluded that they dressed up not to keep 'warm' but for the fashion. So begets the debate - comfort over style or style over comfort?

Take this military green trench coat for example. On any other day I would probably not wear it out for fear I might melt in the tropical heat. Thankfully (ironically?), it had seemed like it was going to rain this morning so I thought it'd be perfect to throw it on, especially since it looks tres chic (thanks Nicole!). I love sunshine but I also like to wear layers so I think it's a struggle to find the in between. I often rationalise that I could just stay indoors 24-7 but I also like to walk and see the city..so it's always a toss up. But the wind today (just before the rain hit) was perfect, therefore, I conclude, I love Spring! Of which is almost impossible to achieve here. It sucks to live in a tropical country and love fashion at the same time. Hence the whole Singaporeans-only-wear-flip-flops mentality. I don't blame anyone, I blame the equator. Well, if you have a coat, save it for a rainy day, that's my advise ;)

On the topic of tropical heat...I've been seeking advice on doing something that sounds totally crazy as well. I'm moving to the far east end in Singapore and am contemplating cycling to and from work daily. Here's the catch, I work in the central district. According to google maps, it takes 2 hrs 45 mins to walk from my new home to the office. So with cycling, it might be cut down by an hour? Still that's a long way. If I leave home at 730 am, it might still be cool and weather might still be good to cycle in. BUT by 830 am it would be insanely hot which means that I would end up dirty and smelly by the end of the ride. I blame Copenhagen Cycle Chic for giving me such romantic notions of cycling in the city.... Still, I never know till I try right?

My dream bike :)

The last picture is so fabulous. And this video from Downtown From Behind is so inspiring!

DFB: Caroline Fuss (Essex St) from Roger Hie on Vimeo.

I need to do this soon, le sigh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughts in my head

While work has been rather slow this week (evidently the holiday mood is upon us all) and all efficiency has significantly dwindled down to zilch, I've been experimenting quite a bit with my wardrobe. Everything about maxi skirts is pure love to me right now. And this sheer maxi number is perfect, cos it shows off my legs while keeping it classy, you know what I'm saying? I also kinda like the idea of wearing oversized tops over other oversized stuff. It's called beggar chic my darlings and I think that style is quite divine. :) I've been doing catch up with fashion blogs and am enamored with the things I've been seeing. But before I swing into all that.. here's a little sneak peek at my outfit and my lookbook for V+L! I must say I am quite proud of it :)
Oversized faux denim shirt - Topshop; Bodysuit - Cotton On; Sheer Maxi Skirt - The Scarlet Room; Chain necklace - M'phosis; Rings - Bangkok; Wedged heel - Korea

And on to my lookbook pics :) styled and shot by me - The creative concept was to create a very laissez-faire attitude with the whole look, the idea that one could live on the beach and all she needed was her thoughts and the sunshine.

Styling/Photograph - Joanne
Model - Jamie
Make-up - Mary

Currently am in love these fashion shots; movements in stillness, I like it :) Hopefully I can re-create these looks soon!

Until then, stay golden xx

ps: isnt the make-up in my lookbook pics the best? My best friend is so talented!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Mini muffins packed away to be given out as christmas pressies. Baking till midnight is no joke. But seeing people happy is what's worthwhile :) These muffins were yummy yummy yummy. I love cinnamon and cinnamon chips will always be one of my fave ingredients when it comes to baking, any chance to throw it, I'll be happy to do so!

Also like being all wrapped up in socks, and these socks are so cute, I love them!

vintage dress from nicole then; socks from Topshop; Dr. Martens mary janes; braided belt from Villains + Lovers; Cuff from Diva and rings from everywhere.

Also am loving fuschia coloured lips, it's soda pop fun! :)

I've been listening to alot of Christmas carols, how it makes me happy is slightly scary. Okay back to work. More baking tonight, stay tuned for that!

Edit: 4.21 pm a turn of events can make one feel very upset. Why the hell am I stuck in this job I hate; finding no meaning in days that pass me by, dreaming of a day when everything can just turn around for me. Why did I take so long to figure out this route and then when I do I'm stuck in a corner and I can't do much about it except to WAIT. time is ticking away and there is nothing but fear that is gripping me as I spend each day sitting at my desk typing yet another pitch. It's so very sad. That I'm 25 and still no boyfriend, no career and still living in my parent's house. It's sad beyond words. I am so disappointed in me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rain and cold feet

Navy blue dress from a random shop in Bugis; Waisted belt from Cotton On; Oversized faux leather tote bag from Rubi; Bowling alley white socks; Camel heels from Korea; Turquoise green square bangle from Bangkok; Rings from Bangkok and Bali
Cranberry + Orange Zest shortbread I baked last Saturday

It has been quite a whirlwind of a week. The rain has been nothing short of depressing and only makes me want to curl up under covers and go to sleep all day. Unfortunately, work has been massively busy and I haven't had much time to blog much less take outfit pictures. I've been working on a 'style' post, but gave up cos it's been so mentally draining all around and figured that this blog is meant to be relaxing rather than stressful.. in due time, in due time, promise.

Did a photoshoot for Villains + Lovers last Sunday and it was too much fun. Again, I have to say, it is the only reason why I would wake up so early on a weekend. More and more I am beginning to believe that fashion is my calling and I just have to DO IT. I just wished I had more opportunities, but I just have to be patient right? Yeah, in the meantime, I get to shop and experiment in my own wardrobe which is expanding exponentially and needs some major de-cluttering but YAY me!

I am loving more and more each day this socks and heels look, plus it makes wearing heels ten times more bearable, also, not to mention it keeps my very cold feet warm. I also believe that accessories maketh an outfit. This turquoise square bangle from Bangkok is possibly one of my greatest find ever and only..$4! I may not have the latest Miu Miu handbag or Gucci heels but I do love a good fashion find that is cheap and of amazing quality, that's just the type of 'gal' I am. :)

Lookbook for V + L coming soon!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A post with no face.

Museum weekends, good friendly dinners, cute little snacks and freshly baked mini mint chocolate chip cookies :) Weekends are awesome.

These cookies were divine. I replaced the dark chocolate morsels with chopped mint dark chocolate and they were even yummier. I love peppermint and chocolate! And at this time of the year (Christmas and all), I love it even more.

God how I've missed baking :) Relish the thought of being in the kitchen again, yay me!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shaking things up.

Food porn for you. A good lunch at Fika! Although service was a bit slow..and honestly, they should think about opening up the upstairs bit to service lunch hour. The swedish chocolate balls in the last photo has to be the highlight of the meal. Tastes like ondeh-ondeh but with chocolate, that only means one thing = YUM.

Then we went to take some fun pics at the wall by Arab Street. It's therapeutic, you should try it. Love my zara socks! so cute and happy :D Paired with Dr. Martens Mary Janes.
Wearing Cotton On white shirt and denim overalls.

After work, rushed to the hairdresser's to get a hair cut. It felt so good to chop all the baggage off and now I feel truly, alive. Next up, a full mohawk! Until then I think I look pretty damn fierce eh?

Forced my brother to take some pics of me playing with bubbles. I found this bottle of bubbles at Jonker street's night market in Malacca for 50 cents and have literally brought it everywhere with me cos hey, you never know when you need some bubbles in your life right? :) Sometimes I blow some out in the office for fun ;)

So now time for the big unveiling...... !!!

Waterfall blazer - Chicmoss; white cotton tank top - Cotton On; lace body suit - AA; boyfriend jeans - MNG; black sneakers - Converse; watch - Malacca; Rings - Bali + Bangkok

So what did you think? Yay/Nay? Honestly, opinions dont matter at this point cos I LOVE IT. And that's all that really matters right?

Right. it's Friday. :)

This weekend, smile at a stranger, dance like you mean it and shake up the world with your laughter. Go do it, it will change your week ahead of you.

Stop being a grumpy old fart. (Just saying)