Monday, November 8, 2010

Rockstar cool in Kuala Lumpur.

short-sleeved denim button down from a random shop in KL (what a steal! Also, took alot of digging and sharp eyes to spot it.), F21 denim cut-offs, converse sneaks and accessories from Bangkok and snake ring from Diva. Carrying: a touristy 'I love bali' bag that I just HAD to buy, for more money than I would have liked but it's a rite of passage!

Always wanted to try a denim on denim look and must say I quite like it. As luck would have it, i saw a guy at the Petronas Galeri wearing the same ensemble except he wore jeans. Still, I think this matching isn't all that tacky as I had imagined it to be. Also, have to thank my best friend for taking this picture of me holding the handle rail for I finally get to see the shaven sides of my head and how they REALLY look like. Got the snake ring from Diva in KL, I was bored, tried some rings and viola, before you know it I was at the counter paying. Also loving this very eclectic blue nail polish I got from Etude House. Am very weird like that :D

Apart from that KL involved alot of eating, eating and more eating. A&W curly fries, root beer float, cute bakeries, kway teow goreng, fro-yo and edame. All in that order. YUM.

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