Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woah type of styles

These photos caught my eye on a sleepy Sunday morning. Hair - woah, vest - woah and pants - woah.

You can tell she's an artist right through and through from the way she carries herself.

Lesson to be learnt: Dress like no other but yourself. Originality is the start of all great fashion.

On a personal front, I went rock climbing yesterday. It was mad fun, but right now my shoulders and my arms are burning with pain. But this pain is good. Heading to an afternoon of art fun, I am stoked. I want to badly add a #artstage (hash tag of 'Art Stage') here, does that mean twitter has taken over my life? Follow me for updates! Yes, that's jojobeanss (with 2 's') ;)

Good Sunday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pausing for an intermission

Diana of Miss Moss is an exquisite blogger with an eye for good design, photography, colours and so much more. These photos are already amazing as it is, but yet she has somehow managed to give them a new lease of life as she presents them in a new way, juxtaposing these street style shots with fine art and vintage posters.

These shots taken from 'The Sartorialist' truly have something different about them now that they are paired with these prints, don't they? Next time, I would like a wall filled with these prints, that'd be rad.

Funny how things that strangers do can inspire you, beyond what you expect.

Read more here.

Kinda blank

I've been quiet on the fashion front due to lotsa spring cleaning going on especially in my head. But please watch this video of Scott Schuman, genius behind 'The Sartorialist'; it's beautiful.

ps: Joe Jean's platforms are here, sorry only have ugly iphone snaps but holy crap I'm stoked!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heavy thoughts

It's been a hectic start to the new year with an impending move coming. Packing up 20 years of your life into boxes is truly a challenge. Especially when you're downsizing. Tonight marks the last night here at this place I've called home for the past 20 years of my life. So many memories attached to this place (not mentioning the boys I snuck into my bedroom) - sleepovers, bbqs, my first (and only) dog that has since then passed, the first time I rode a bike, the first time I bladed..getting slightly nostalgic here.

And unpacking a wardrobe that has been berated by my parents time and time again that there's just too much clothes, has only proven one theory - Your parents ARE ALWAYS right. This is Confessions of a Shopaholic 101. It's safe to say I feel immensely guilty now for giving into consumerism and wasting SO much money on shit I don't even use anymore. It's a very sobering experience to say the least. From now on, if I go on about how I need a pair of useless $10 shoes/a bag/a dress that is on 'sale' at far east plaza, please shoot me. You are given permission to.

Now I know, investment pieces are the ONLY way to go. ie. Those A. Wang Chukka Boots still deserve a place in my wardrobe. -Resolute-

Monday, January 3, 2011

The first day.

I remember the thrill of first days of every new year. There are lots of expectations pinned onto that very day, expectations and also fear. Fear, but also hope. It's a jumble of mixed emotions that usually determines the rest of the year, or so we believe. 01.01.11, a significant date (in more ways than one) that marks the start of the big 2011. 2010 has passed by in a flash, in a very unbecoming type of way. 2010 marked some significant turning points in my life that will potentially change the way I see 2011 I am pretty sure. The pitfalls of my decisions in 2010 has had some serious backlash that has caused me to look at that year in a pitiful and disdainful type of way. Alas, what has passed has passed. The only way to go up, or so they say.

Resolutions are always a must. Trust me, I've considered going through this year with no resolutions but I think they'll help me set some kind of direction in life. So well, here they are:

1. Pursue a career in fashion
2. For villains + lovers to be bigger and better
3. Spend more time with my family and friends
4. Be a better Christian
5. Try to love life with every ounce of energy I have
6. Reduce my carbon footprints
7. To forgive and to do unto others what I would want others do for me.
8. Go to Paris.
9. Travel.
10. Go purely vegetarian (no fish/no seafood).
11. Bake, read and laugh more.
12. Discover a new band every month.
13. Pay my credit card bills on time.

I think they are all pretty achievable. :) The #1 on my list is to truly, truly breathe fashion every single day. Fashion is not just my passion, it's my calling. Now, you can quote me on that.

Let's toast!