Friday, November 19, 2010

Bored at work

Oversized knit sweater - online, body suit - cotton on, denim shorts - G market, rings - Diva and Bangkok, socks - got it at a bowling alley, wedges - Online

Thanks to my colleague, am posting up outfit pics at work. Yay me!

Intrigued with the idea of wearing socks with heels. These socks were bought from a bowling alley, really random. But that's the best part of fashion, accidentally finding something that you'll use someday as part of your look. The accidental fashionista essentials. Leave it to chance my babies and it will all work out!

Okay, a short one cos I have to send out lotsa emails and make lotsa phone calls. Thank god it's Friday..that and I'll be going somewhere magical tomorrow ;) Lotsa updates soon my loves!

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