Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cultural Sunday

Spent Sunday at the National Museum to visit the Pompeii exhibition. Had initially planned to meet-up with Mary but was late due to procrastination hence she started without me. I purchased a ticket at the ticketing counter and when asked "How many tickets?" I simply replied, "Just me." And those 2 words struck a chord with me.

I've been single for about a month and a half now..and I realised how important it is to not lose yourself. The comfort of being in a relationship is that you become co-independent with your partner. You start to think about another person too often, to care for someone else other than yourself, you get caught up with pleasing the other party, you create an imaginary world for the 2 of you as if you were the only 2 that existed, you 2 even start to look alike (as you would like to think). But you forget one thing - yourself. I've been in relationships that have failed. I've dated for the past 10 years of my life and still I end up in the same routine. Fall in love, fall out of love, break up, patch up. And for once, it feels so nice to say - it's just me.

I guess rain keeps me in a contemplative mood, that and also the excitement of wearing fall-inspired wear. You know nothing keeps me from loving anything wintery-like :)

The exhibits were okay, kinda freaky but was annoyed at the multitude of children running around.

Got a little tickled by the tongkat ali description and also this very cool video board at the National museum. :)

Followed by a little walk at the mall which saw me finding this dirty mustard cardigan from the men's section. Viola, in the next 10 mins, I wore it out of the store... My decisiveness will leave me broke one day.

Now..I really need a new beret/hat :)

F21 beret, oversized cardigan from Cotton On, white basic tee from Bangkok, faded black denim shorts from Cotton On, belt from Villains + Lovers (sold out at the flea yesterday sorry!), boots - Dr. Martens. Sunglasses were a flea market find and tote bag is from MTV (during my days of internship)

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