Monday, November 8, 2010

The beginning.

I remembered when I turned 18, I said to my best friend, 'I wanna work for Nylon, I wanna live in New York.' 6 years has passed and somehow those big dreams got filtered down and a stumble and a fall later, I ended up in the public relations industry. There were loadsa things in between - bad relationships, an unhealthy relationship with food, endless struggles - that has caused me to 'lose my way' so to speak. Surely, I loved fashion but somehow never believed I was 'good enough' or 'stylish enough' to do it. 2 years into an industry I thought I could live with, I am beginning to realise I don't want to go through life just feeling like I could do something I could 'live with'. I wanted to feel like it mattered, to feel excited. So this is it, no more distractions. Just me, trying to be true to myself.

One day I'll be in Paris, was initially the brand name for my own clothing line but now this phrase has somehow stuck around to be part of who I am. Why Paris? Imagine riding a bike down the rues of the city, in a button down plaid boyfriend shirt and tights, taking in the whiff of freshly baked croissants and fresh city air? A romantic notion of life I could surely live with.

So I guess here's my hope that one day I WILL be in Paris, doing the thing I love the most. Had I wished I had figured this out earlier? Most definitely. But at the same time, life's no fun if everything were perfect. Here's to a big ol' celebration of love, life, fashion, style, madness, kitchen tales and most importantly, laughter.

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