Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughts in my head

While work has been rather slow this week (evidently the holiday mood is upon us all) and all efficiency has significantly dwindled down to zilch, I've been experimenting quite a bit with my wardrobe. Everything about maxi skirts is pure love to me right now. And this sheer maxi number is perfect, cos it shows off my legs while keeping it classy, you know what I'm saying? I also kinda like the idea of wearing oversized tops over other oversized stuff. It's called beggar chic my darlings and I think that style is quite divine. :) I've been doing catch up with fashion blogs and am enamored with the things I've been seeing. But before I swing into all that.. here's a little sneak peek at my outfit and my lookbook for V+L! I must say I am quite proud of it :)
Oversized faux denim shirt - Topshop; Bodysuit - Cotton On; Sheer Maxi Skirt - The Scarlet Room; Chain necklace - M'phosis; Rings - Bangkok; Wedged heel - Korea

And on to my lookbook pics :) styled and shot by me - The creative concept was to create a very laissez-faire attitude with the whole look, the idea that one could live on the beach and all she needed was her thoughts and the sunshine.

Styling/Photograph - Joanne
Model - Jamie
Make-up - Mary

Currently am in love these fashion shots; movements in stillness, I like it :) Hopefully I can re-create these looks soon!

Until then, stay golden xx

ps: isnt the make-up in my lookbook pics the best? My best friend is so talented!

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