Thursday, December 16, 2010

A dose of awesomeness.

Vintage trench coat - Nicole Then; Romper - Bangkok; Belt - Cotton On; Bangle - Diva; Rings - Bangkok; Wedges - Korea

We took this shot just before the rain hit us. And thankfully there was wind in the air that gave this photograph an extra dash of awesomeness. I contemplated for a long time if I should buy this trench coat but I thought what the hell, I figured I will find a time to wear it..whenever and wherever.

A friend had just returned from Hong Kong where it was some 20 plus degrees which in my opinion was pretty cold (I live in a country whose celsius perpetually stays in the high 30s range). But she said that the girls there piled on winter wear as if the weather had been in the negatives and concluded that they dressed up not to keep 'warm' but for the fashion. So begets the debate - comfort over style or style over comfort?

Take this military green trench coat for example. On any other day I would probably not wear it out for fear I might melt in the tropical heat. Thankfully (ironically?), it had seemed like it was going to rain this morning so I thought it'd be perfect to throw it on, especially since it looks tres chic (thanks Nicole!). I love sunshine but I also like to wear layers so I think it's a struggle to find the in between. I often rationalise that I could just stay indoors 24-7 but I also like to walk and see the it's always a toss up. But the wind today (just before the rain hit) was perfect, therefore, I conclude, I love Spring! Of which is almost impossible to achieve here. It sucks to live in a tropical country and love fashion at the same time. Hence the whole Singaporeans-only-wear-flip-flops mentality. I don't blame anyone, I blame the equator. Well, if you have a coat, save it for a rainy day, that's my advise ;)

On the topic of tropical heat...I've been seeking advice on doing something that sounds totally crazy as well. I'm moving to the far east end in Singapore and am contemplating cycling to and from work daily. Here's the catch, I work in the central district. According to google maps, it takes 2 hrs 45 mins to walk from my new home to the office. So with cycling, it might be cut down by an hour? Still that's a long way. If I leave home at 730 am, it might still be cool and weather might still be good to cycle in. BUT by 830 am it would be insanely hot which means that I would end up dirty and smelly by the end of the ride. I blame Copenhagen Cycle Chic for giving me such romantic notions of cycling in the city.... Still, I never know till I try right?

My dream bike :)

The last picture is so fabulous. And this video from Downtown From Behind is so inspiring!

DFB: Caroline Fuss (Essex St) from Roger Hie on Vimeo.

I need to do this soon, le sigh.

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