Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paperbag boy

Military Green paperbag shorts from here; Neon Highlighter Yellow v-neck tee from F21; Bangle from Bangkok; Black oversized sling from Rubi; Rings - Bangkok; Leopard print Wedges - Korea

Finally a chance to wear my paperbag shorts out. I have to admit they are not for everyone. As a shortie (not shawty), I am not blessed with the fortune of having an exceptionally long torso, so anything high-waisted would just cut me off and make me look even shorter which is a big no-no. Thank god I purchased these 5 inch wedges!

This outfit is so me. When I say that, I actually mean I love the kooky and the quirky in outfits. The idea of a neon highlighter yellow tee with a pair of military green shorts seems like an odd pairing but that's just who I am. Top that off with a pair of loud leopard print wedges.. I truly believe there are just some things that you CAN leave to fate and chance. That said, I will probably not wear this tee to a club when it's all dark..cos the last thing I want is for my top half to be glowing in the dark. Now, that you can't leave it to chance, it's just embarrassing.

Christmas dinner at Cocotte with my beautiful friends. I say the food is really not too bad, I love the cosy home setting of the restaurant. If there was anything I could complain about..was that it was far too noisy. Although, that could be us, laughing raucously. Ah, such joy :)

Quote of the day:
Leonard, "OMG, you guys have to watch Modern Family"
Everyone, "OMG YES"
Leonard, "I have to say even though it is a comedy, it has really great ideals...(delves into family and culture etc)"
Yunwen to me (to the side), "Are we really dissecting and analysing Modern Family?"
Me, "I guess so."
Yunwen, "Oh god, such typical theatre students."

:) Indeed we are.

Also please say hi to jojo - my hippie-loving, vegan-eating, green-activitist-wannabe alter ego that has been filtering my thoughts of late. Cycling around in Singapore has proved to be a real challenge but no giving it up!

Leonard to me, "Do you cycle around in that dress?! Do you think you live in Paris?"
Me, "In my head, I do." :)

And I do. I really, really do.

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