Thursday, December 15, 2011


my last post was in July, time passes too damn fast
. I had these lofty ideas that I could document my fashion musing, turns out, I wasn't so good at keeping up. Plus, I had no one to rely on to help me with my snaps so soon, it dwindled down to nothing.. so much for lofty ideas huh.

In a blink and a flash, it's Dec. The time of the year where you should be surrounded by love, family, friends, etc. etc. all the things that are supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy like a giant teddy bear. But unfortunately, I am sad to report that my life hasn't got this great love story to write; No, I haven't met Mr. Right, in fact, met so many Mr Wrongs these past 5 months (pizza boys, post man, you name them, I've dated them) that I am so jaded and worn down. My parents are still supportive as ever and they're the cutest couple I know, I love them so very much. And there are my friends, my friends are everything to me.

Dec is also the time to recollect your thoughts, to put things into perspective. I am currently in all sort of mess right now. But a dear friend also told me, it doesn't have to be the new year to start anew, you can start any time you want if you put your heart to it. And I suppose it's true. I guess I could recount and list down the things / happenings in my life as a start

Let's see where do I start...
1. I've started a bucket list, here's hoping it goes somewhere this time.
2. Still stuck in my dead end job
3. Loving V+L everyday and hope to go far far far far away with this venture
4. Taking fashion as a everyday occurrence
5. Doing pilates daily and am proud to say - have lost weight successfully!
6. Hair is still crazy as ever, I am attempting to grow my shaven sides out. It's so painful and torturous
7. Am still fighting the good meatless fight
8. My Christian walk is not doing so great
9. Been to KL one too many times this year
10. Had blonde hair and then blonde hair with pink tips
11. I love beer now
12. A little too hooked on to Instagram.
13. Been to Bangkok a little too many times this year as well.
14. Miss London and Paris EVERY SINGLE BLOODY DAY
15. Stay young, go dancing.

Quite simply, this picture describes my thoughts:
Dare to dream they say!

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