Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm living a lie, but only temporarily

My love for fashion has always been an on-and-off thing. Like every other couple, I go through the highs and the lows. But every day for me is a chance to embrace the unknown. What will I wear? What accessories goes with this outfit? I like the idea of chance, and then pulling looks out of nothing. I know, fashion will never fail me. I will always be able to fall back on the reliable little black dress, or 5 inch heels that kill my feet yet my legs look endless. It's like a lover that will never say 'no' only 'yes, you look beautiful' and that kind of promise is kind of okay for now. But there are days when I hate having to love something so much and having to let it go because disposable income is otherwise limited. Still, it is okay to dream and lust over that Celine bag because when you dream big, you achieve big things. And translating that to real life.

I also know. One day, I will marry a man who will dress in short-pants suit on our wedding day and me in a simple white chiffon dress with slippers. One day, I will marry a man who will give me a walk-in wardrobe, the kind that Big built for Carrie in Sex and the City. One day, I will marry a man who will allow me to ride around in my pink bike with a big floppy hat and a dress while we go out for picnics and lie under the sun talking about nothing and everything.

Life now is a myriad of idealistic notions, because when you're single and living life, everything seems possible.

And my dream of a breakfast joint that serves up freshly baked muffins and organic soy oats, and a clothing label that I can call my own, doesn't seem so far away after all.

Oh! Darling, let's be adventurers :)

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