Monday, January 3, 2011

The first day.

I remember the thrill of first days of every new year. There are lots of expectations pinned onto that very day, expectations and also fear. Fear, but also hope. It's a jumble of mixed emotions that usually determines the rest of the year, or so we believe. 01.01.11, a significant date (in more ways than one) that marks the start of the big 2011. 2010 has passed by in a flash, in a very unbecoming type of way. 2010 marked some significant turning points in my life that will potentially change the way I see 2011 I am pretty sure. The pitfalls of my decisions in 2010 has had some serious backlash that has caused me to look at that year in a pitiful and disdainful type of way. Alas, what has passed has passed. The only way to go up, or so they say.

Resolutions are always a must. Trust me, I've considered going through this year with no resolutions but I think they'll help me set some kind of direction in life. So well, here they are:

1. Pursue a career in fashion
2. For villains + lovers to be bigger and better
3. Spend more time with my family and friends
4. Be a better Christian
5. Try to love life with every ounce of energy I have
6. Reduce my carbon footprints
7. To forgive and to do unto others what I would want others do for me.
8. Go to Paris.
9. Travel.
10. Go purely vegetarian (no fish/no seafood).
11. Bake, read and laugh more.
12. Discover a new band every month.
13. Pay my credit card bills on time.

I think they are all pretty achievable. :) The #1 on my list is to truly, truly breathe fashion every single day. Fashion is not just my passion, it's my calling. Now, you can quote me on that.

Let's toast!

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