Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Has it really been that long since my last update? The lunar new year has come and gone now, I still feel the same. Same..in a sense that, it's the same you know? I have lost my marbles evidently. Feeling very disconnected and disjointed lately.. Hopefully I get my groove back on soon!

But if you really wanted to know..here are some things you've missed:
1. Did a new shoot for V+L ! It was a rad time just doing the one thing I love the most, Fashion, obviously. Launching soon!
2. Been rock climbing alot lately, my arms are crying and yelling at me saying 'why?! why?!'
3. Went to Laneway and danced in the rain, like a total maniac (very cathartic I must say)
4. Bought a pink ukulele and have been learning how to play 'You are my sunshine', the easiest song by far (Thanks, Ukulele Mike!)
5. I said goodbye to my best friend and missing her terribly.
6. I cut my hair and attempted to dye it green but it failed, sad about that.

So here are some pictorial evidence that I've been alive and kicking for the past month? (or so)
Okay I like balloons.

Now, get down and boogie!


  1. Love you back, miss you in so many ways you don't even know :( things are not the same without my bff...

  2. I didn't know you tried to dye your hair green. Shame that it failed, would have been quite awesome if you came to Wilkie that day with green hair :D

  3. hahah @sueeeeannn i totally would do it again! just need to find the right hair-stylist. now my hair's more blonde than it is green, sad.